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November 17, 2010 Energy and Health

Energy is the capacity to do work. It appears in our lives in many forms, from solar rays to fossil fuels to the calories in a bowl of corn flakes. No so long ago the notion of putting cornflakes and gasoline in the same conversation would seem preposterous. Now we are makeing choice whether to produce food or fuel on our cropland. We save our personal energy as we expend fossil fuels in fast-food drive-throughs.We store energy in fuel tanks, long-shelf life high caloric foods and expanding wastelines. We are also converting energy mined from the earth and now stored as CO2, increasing the green-house affect of our atmosphere.

Join us as we seek to make the connections between our conversion, storage and use of energy and public health.

We invite your calls and email with questions, comments and personal stories about substance abuse and ways we can prevent it.

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