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January 19, 2010 Social Marketing

The tides come in and go out, the pendulum swings to and fro, and American ideology shifts left and right. Recent elections have reasserted voters desires to reduce the role of government in Maine, but not necessarily reduce the service that government provides. How will Maine deliver critical services in this atmosphere of public austerity?

One answer is to engage free market production and distribution to promote individual and social goals like environmental protection, health and charity. Social Marketing turns the strengths of the market to promoting sustainability, local businesses, self-help, product and service innovation, and more.

Join us to talk about local efforts in social marketing to promote locally grown food, energy conservation, green products and healthy lifestyles.

We invite your calls and email with questions, comments and personal stories about substance abuse and ways we can prevent it.

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  • Heather Chandler, President & Founder of Sunrise Guide, a resource for learning about, supporting and living in a healthy and sustainable way in southern and coastal Maine.
  • Sally Christ, Tobacco Program Coordinator for Healthy Maine Partnerships in Hancock County.


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