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February 16, 2011 Politics, Markets and Housing

As the state and nation slowly recover from a two year recession triggered by a widespread collapse of the home mortgage markets, we will take stock of the impacts this collapse has had on people in Maine. What has been the fate of people who lost their homes, or were marginally housed even prior to the collapse? What will we do to help people worst affected by the crisis?

Join our dialogue at 10:00 AM as we discuss the politics and economics of homelessness.

We invite your calls and email with questions and comments.

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Debbie King-Johnson, (800) 452-4668 (dkjohnson@mainehousing.org)

Began with Maine Housing in 1986 and currently serves as the agency's Consumer Education and Outreach Manager in the Homeownership Department. For the past seven years she has been responsible for developing the outreach and education activities for the Department and overseeing the administration and promotion of hoMEworks, a statewide homebuyer education program. She also administers Maine Housing's HUD Housing Counseling Program that serves rural areas of Maine, and supports a network of housing counselors specialized in foreclosure intervention. Debra previously conducted outreach and marketing of programs offered by the Maine Municipal Bond Bank and was a mortgage loan originator for a statewide mortgage lender. She currently represents Maine Housing on the hoMEworks Board of Directors and serves on the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta Board of Directors.

Genevieve Lysen, Maine People’s Resource Center Portland, ME.

Genevieve Lysen is the Housing and Worker Justice Organizer at the Maine People’s Alliance, where she organizes volunteers in the Androscoggin area and works on a wide range of economic justice issues.

During high school and college, Genevieve studied, lived and worked abroad, traveling to Haiti, West Africa and over 20 countries in Europe. She completed a documentary studies program, writing a feature about a group of Iraqi interpreters who were forced to resettle in Maine.


To learn about the foreclosure prevention efforts in Maine, please visit http://www.maine.gov/pfr/consumercredit/LegislativeReports.htm.  The Bureau's foreclosure prevention hotline phone number is (1-888-NO-4-CLŌZ) or 1-888-664-2569. 

The website http://www.bostonfed.org/commdev/foreclosures/index.htm provides a number of resources.

A few useful website links to share with viewers are as follows.

To learn about Maine's foreclosure process and toolkit for homeowners who wish to avoid foreclosure, please visit http://ptla.org/ptlasite/cliented/foreclosure/index_html.

To obtain a list of HUD approved agencies providing foreclosure prevention counseling services, please visit http://www.ptla.org/PDF/foreclose_counselors.pdf

For homeowners who are financially unable to remain in their home and wish to seek rental housing MaineHousingSearch.org http://www.mainehousingsearch.org/
is a website listing linking people searching for rental housing across the state of Maine.

Potential homebuyers can discover the true cost of being homeowners; develop skills in budgeting, money management, and learn the importance of credit and savings by completing a hoMEworks homebuyer education class.  The up-to-date class schedule can be found at www.mainehomeworks.org

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