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April 17, 2013 Organic Farms and Gardens

It's time to prepare the earth, plant our gardens, seed our farms and hope for rain. There are many choices on the way to the summer harvest. Pest and weed management are among the most wrenching. What do you do when your beautiful crop of brocolli turns into and feedlot for aphids and cabbage worms? When should you have intervened? What are the alternatives to pesticides? What about the weeds that swallow garden over night? Help!

Join us Wednesday, April 17 for a dialogue about organic gardening and farming. Dan Huisjen will guide us on the path to healthy, organic gardens and farms. We'll be joined by Katie Freedman who is directing Healthy Acadia's farm to school programs as well as school garden projects.

We invite your calls and email with questions, comments and ideas for combatting violence in Maine and around the world.  

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Dan Huisjen huisjen@gmail.com

  • B.S. Agricultural Engineering Technology, Cornell University
  • B.S. Environmental Science from University of Washington, Tacoma.
  • Gardener/small farmer, (Oregon) Master Gardener, a Community Garden site manager.
Dan Huisjen

Katie Freedman katie@healthyacadia.org

Food, Farm & Nutrition Program Manager Katie provides leadership in areas related to community food security, public health nutrition, local foods procurement, community gardening, and supporting farms and farmers’ markets. Katie coordinates the Downeast Farm to School Program, providing leadership together with Washington County-based program staff to connect schools with farms across Hancock and Washington Counties. Katie also coordinates Healthy Acadia’s Food for All initiatives, working to provide lower-income citizens of all ages with access to fresh and affordable food.

Katie Freedman


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